Member Directory

Natalie Brezden

Senior Regional Director

Sarah Kirshin-Neilans

Personal Injury Lawyer

Cavan Cottell

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Ray Dragunas

Portfolio Manager

Alex Stephen CPA, CA

Partner at Marcus & Associates LLP

Dean Timpany

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Kevin Wilbee

Wills and Estate Lawyer

Vicknesh Ramachandran

CEO and Co-Founder of Labourly™

Paul Gardiner,

Residential Realtor

Suheyl Canli


Joe Harris

Life/Health Insurance Advisor

Lucy Jeffrey

President and CEO. The Entrepreneur Nation®

Vacant - Corporate and Commercial Lawyer

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Vacant - Real Estate Lawyer

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Vacant - Family Law Lawyer

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Vacant - Insurance Broker

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Vacant - Immigration Lawyer


Vacant - Psychotherapist

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