The Summit Club

  Have you heard about ‘The Summit’? Also, known as the CEOs Club?   The Entrepreneur Nation™ is introducing ‘The Summit Club’. Our business model involves the club model where we use a strategy that brings like-minded entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses together in a specific group to support each other all under the umbrella of The Entrepreneur Nation™.   We have members at all the levels but what we have been missing is ‘the summit’ which is a group of successful CEOs /Partners/VPs of small and medium-size Corporations who have been leading the direction for the growth of their businesses.   We are welcoming the Summit Club members as an advisory board and role models for entrepreneurs. We want them to genuinely share with us the struggles that they have had to endure to grow their businesses. The Summit Club members will meet at the London Club once a month for breakfast, they will be part of the Social Club and the After 5 Business Mingle.   After a successful launch in London Ontario, we shall branch out to introduce the Summit Club in other Cities where we are represented.   Qualifications to join the summit club:
  1. Minimum 5 years full time as a business owner.
  2. You own an Incorporated business for a minimum of 5 years
  3. You call the shots and make the strategic decisions in
your Corporation.
  1. You are willing to share your journey (both the struggles
and successes) with others to motivate them to grow and succeed as you have.
  1. You have the time to meet once a month for breakfast with
other Summit Club members and to attend our After 5 Business Mingle once a month to meet our members so you can speak to them about your journey.   This is a membership level between the Corporate Sponsors and the Platinum Club.   Our Corporate Sponsors are automatically part of the Summit Club. The CEO of The Entrepreneur Nation™ is also automatically a member. The Summit Club is not an exclusive membership.   Services: Different services will be offered to the Summit Club members but will be customized to suit each business needs.  Examples:
  1.  Optional, membership to our social club which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at our Entreprepreneur Lounge located at 195 Dufferin Avenue. 
  2.  Optional, contribute articles to the Entrepreneur Magazine featuring your successful journey.
  3. Optional, feature on the Entrepreneur TV in partnership with Rogers TV. Have your business featured on Cable TV on a complimentary basis. 
  About The Entrepreneur Nation™ (T.E.N) T.E.N. is founded on the principle that genuine, trusting, and prolonged relationships are the source of any business. T.E.N. refines the concepts of networking and business gathering by creating the environments for the members to be encouraged to build those relationships.   (T.E.N) is broader and more supportive than the traditional chambers of commerce. T.E.N.  leverages the collective effort of its members to motivate and empower each other while utilizing its collective member power to help build a strong referral program.   What drives us is the common goal of supporting each other to succeed in business. Business referral is our secret sauce. We are each other’s Marketing Managers. What’s unique about our process is that we offer to our Members’ relevant support with a view to growing their businesses. We are a distinct and interesting group of Entrepreneurs who want to see each other succeed in business. That’s really what sets us apart from others in the same industry.   The first Summit club inaugural meeting will commence on Wednesday May 27, 2020 at 8am. This meeting will be initially virtual and when the London Club opens, we shall be meeting for breakfast there.   Testimonials I have been a member of The Entrepreneur Nation™ for 15 months. At the Platinum Club level and later upgraded my membership to Corporate Sponsor, which is the top exclusive membership category, I have an opportunity to visit all the chapters in London, ON. I also have an opportunity to lead the social club as well as taken leadership positions as the chapter chair for the Byron chapter. I have offered my time on a volunteer basis because I enjoy helping other entrepreneurs to network successfully to grow their businesses.   I know very well that in a business referral environment, giving more than expecting to receive is what really helps the group. I have been a huge source of referral for the ‘Nation’. Likewise, I have received referrals on a regular basis. I can say that I have been one of the key beneficiaries of this referral network. I have been successful because I invest my time to attend all the meetings and to meet other entrepreneurs for one-on-one coffee meetings. Dani Hanna Mortgage Broker and Vice President The Mortgage Firm 204 Oxford Street W London. ON N6H 1S4   I have found a lot of value being a member of T.E.N. As a business owner and CEO, it is very important to me that I build a mastermind of like-minded people to help me overcome challenges and grow. So, thank you T.E. N. for being in my court! Andrew Crook Broker and Record and Managing Partner PC275 Realty Brokerage 500 South St. Suite 2 London. ON N6B 1C3   I joined The Entrepreneur Nation™,  London Downtown chapter which meets at the Hilton Hotel, 14 months ago. My objective was to connect and build relationships with other professionals so I could have a pool of trusted contacts to refer my clients to. Receiving referrals was not my key objective for joining. I can say without a doubt that my business has grown as a result of a referral.  Steve Hebden Financial Planner and Partner Rawling Financial 200 Queens Avenue London  N6A 1J3   I started The Entrepreneur Nation™ in 2018 after evaluating the offerings of many networking groups. I came to a conclusion that for businesses to grow, an outside the box growth strategy was necessary. The strategy was to offer much more support than just networking. The growth we have witnessed clearly shows that entrepreneurs and small business owners need much more than networking. They need mentorship and role models, they need a one-stop-shop resource centre for what they need to grow their businesses. They need training to understand the emerging business growth trends. The Summit Club members will play a great role while growing their own businesses in the process. Lucy Jeffrey Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer  The Entrepreneur Nation™ Cell: 519.709.5139 195 Dufferin Avenue. Suite 602 London. ON N6a 1k7