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Exclusive access to the Entrepreneur Nation Chapter

Free tickets to 2 local events. Your dinner is fully paid for at the After 5 Business Mingle.

  • URL redirect through
  • Complimentary business card size ad in the Entrepreneur Magazine . Note to provide the content.
  • 10% off all printing work
  • Free Social Media Training up to 3 sites
  • One online training and networking every Wednesday at 8pm - 9pm up to 1 hour a month
  • One-on-one training and consultation up to 1 hour a month.
  • Dedicated T.E.N Social Media Community where you will be free to promote your business. (Note everyone is here to grow their businesses that they are passionate about. Recruitment within the Network is prohibited).
  • Dedicated seat in our Chapters ( One professional in your category per Chapter)
  • Strategic marketing plan up to 20 pages
  • Help you with planning your business events e.g customer appreciation day. One per quarter.
  • Help advertise your business on Social Media including Free shoutouts in T.E.N group and pages (Member to provide content once a month)
  • Complimentary access to After 5 Business Mingle
  • As per your license rules

The price for membership is $97.00 now and then $97.00 every 30 Days for 12 more payments. Customers in Outside US will be charged 13% tax.

Membership expires after 12 Months.

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Legal Terms and Conditions

LEGAL CONTRACT FOR T.E.N. CO., INC. (Operating as The Entrepreneur Nation®)

Contract Duration

  • This is an annual payment contract but paid in monthly Installments
  • We are extending a 10% discount if you choose to pay for your annual membership in full. This discount is only directed to self-employed entrepreneurs but not corporations and banks.
  • All the services offered to you within the membership are complementary and on the understanding that we will be paid through the year.
  • Your contract will be renewed automatically after 12 months' expiry.
  • If you wish to terminate your contract after 12 months, please give us one month’s notice by the 11th month.
  • The membership can not be canceled without a written and signed notice by the member. Emails are accepted but no other form of communication (eg text messages) will be accepted.
  • If we do not receive your written notice, we will continue to renew your membership until the written notice is received in writing.
  • One month’s notice will commence on the day the written notice is received.
  • Although the exiting member is exclusive in the chapter, there is an overlap for the exiting member and the incoming member during the notice period month because we have to invite an incoming member to check out the chapter on the 12th month.
  • The monthly membership fees will remain the same for a 12-month period. It will remain the same if you are continuing with your membership. However, if you leave after 12 months, we can not guarantee that when you come back the rate will be the same.

Refund Policy

  • No refund policy. Money paid to T.E.N. CO., INC. can not be refunded under any circumstances. However, if a member has to leave during the duration they paid for due to valid and verifiable reasons, the member is free to nominate a new member to take over the membership.
  • The person nominated is not a current member of T.E.N. CO., INC.
  • Acceptance of the nominee is subject to approval by T.E.N. CO., INC.
  • The release of the payment obligation of the sitting member is after the nominee has been approved.

Payment Processing

  • We have partnered with PayPal to process the credit card payments
  • To give you peace of mind, your credit card is stored in the secure Paypal system, right inside your Paypal account, not on our Website or our account.
  • No other payment arrangement is allowed for credit card payments.
  • Do not provide your credit card to our Directors, Employees, Franchise Partners or Regional Directors.
  • Any payments that are not processed through our website and PayPal can void your membership.
  • You must proceed to PayPal through this website.
  • Following this process helps you to accept the terms of service in the manner we have set it below.
  • All receipts are sent out to our members monthly by Paypal
  • You can use your receipts for tax purposes because your membership payment is considered a marketing and advertising expense. However please, consult your Accountant.
  • If you need a tax receipt at the end of the year, please go to reports in your Paypal account and print your statements.

Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT).

  • Payments for some Canadian memberships effective February 2020 are processed through pre-authorized debits. (AFT) is a feature that automatically performs funds transfers on a recurring monthly basis from our Canadian Bank. To commence the membership, you will need to send us a void cheque or pre-authorized debit form by return email or upload it through our secure online portal located on the top-right menu on our website .  AFT contract is emailed to the member to e-sign. An e-signed contract is a valid legal contract. It is only emailed by our head office billing department. No one else has the approval to send out this document to members.
  • The document must bear the signature of our President, Lucy Jeffrey for it to be complete and legally binding.
  • The bank charges us for any AFT payments that come back unpaid. Combined with our handling fee, a member pays us $25 for any unpaid automatic debits.

Government Tax

All our membership plans currently include Government taxes. T.E.N.CO., INC. is an incorporated business that has great Accountants and a Bookkeeper who ensures that we pay taxes on time. However, we decided at the onset of the pandemic in 2020 to absorb HST in the membership as a way to give back to our members during the pandemic. In the future, this may change upon sufficient notice to the members.

Debt Collection

  • Termination of the contract or your method of payment will not release you from your monthly payment obligation. T.E.N. CO., INC. has a right to follow legally acceptable debt collection procedures including reporting to the credit bureau in the event that membership payment is delayed for more than 2 months.
  • We also have a right to follow up on the payment through the small claims court.
  • Should you terminate your membership, a final bill will be sent to you covering the remaining installments for the entire year plus the cost of collecting the debt including legal fees incurred by us, etc.
  • However, we are entrepreneurs like you, we are always willing to work options with our members facing genuine financial difficulties if they are willing to cooperate with us.

Dispute resolution

  1. If a dispute arises between T.E.N.CO., INC and the Member, every attempt will be made by both parties to find an amicable solution.
  2. If a solution can not be agreed upon, both parties will consider mediation.
  3. If mediation does not work, legal redress will be the last option.
  4. Any court filing and hearing shall be executed and held in London Ontario, Canada where the Corporation offices are located. Each party will be responsible for its own mediation or legal fees unless otherwise ruled by a Judge in a court of law.
  5. T.E.N.CO., INC has a right to terminate the membership contract if the unresolved dispute gets into a situation where it would injure the cordial relationship between both parties because no business relationship can survive in a negative environment.
During the provision of the term of this contract, Both Parties hereby agree to:
  1. Cooperate to resolve any matters that may arise to reasonably be required to operate the Membership relationship;
  2. Provide any information and/or documentation needed by both parties within reasonable expectations to facilitate quick decision-making.

Liability release

  • T.E.N.CO., INC is not responsible for liability claims or claims of whatever nature that may arise out of the action (s) of the members or any other stakeholders.
  • This includes the general release from all possible civil claims resulting from a dispute between the members, or any other stakeholders or third parties.

E-Documents and E-signatures

Members are located in several Cities, Provinces , State and Countries. We can not possibly be able to deliver physical documents. We use e-documents and e-signatures which are legally acceptable. If a member decides to ignore e-sign and acknowledge, it is not our problem. We use a system that confirms that delivery of the e-document has been delivered to a member’s inbox by email. Members are expected to question and seek clarification within 7 days. If they allow 7 days to pass, it is assumed that they concur and are legally bound by the entire content of the e-document.  

Force Majeure

T.E.N. CO., INC does not accept liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events and restrict participants from fulfilling obligations. A typical list of force majeure events include but not limited to war, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged, disease outbreak and pandemics, shortage of energy supplies, and acts of God, state or governmental action prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations. Members agree not to hold T.E.N. CO., INC. and its Directors or representatives liable financially or otherwise for any performance hindered or delayed by the outbreak of 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or any associated risks. The inability to host meetings in our physical location will be compensated by virtual meetings. Members are responsible to attend virtual meetings as per invitations posted on our official social media sites, eventbrite and emails. All chapter meetings will be held as per schedule with no interruption.
  1. ) PANDEMIC OCCURRENCES. INCLUDING COVID19. T.E.N. CO., INC. only permits meetings in the Restaurants and not in private places or private offices. Restaurants already follow healthcare guidelines to ensure that their clients are safe. Restaurants also carry liability insurance to cover their clients. If meetings can not be held safely in a restaurant, members are advised to meet using Zoom video conferencing. Members have the option to attend physical meetings or virtual meetings. If members decide to attend a physical meeting, they are advised to call the restaurant and verify on their own that their specific health and safety requirements are in place. Members are also advised to follow their local and national health guidelines as well as the World Health Organization’s publicly issued guidelines T.E.N. CO., INC. its directors, franchise partners, and chapter leaders do not accept any liability of any kind whatsoever.
  1. MORE SPECIFIC COVID POLICIES: There are heavy fines for group organizers. The Entrepreneur Nation has our own more stringent measures that go above and beyond  what the government has issued.
  1. Most importantly, we are a professional business group.
  2. We do not allow exchange of business cards in our meetings or any physical paperwork (this is a temporary measure until the pandemic is over).
  3. Exchange of cell phone numbers and emails is all now done virtually.
  4.  You must wear a mask at all times if 6 feet distance can not be maintained. (this is a temporary measure until otherwise advised by hosts).
  5. You must sanitize your hands before getting into the meeting room. Hand sanitizer station is provided at the registration desk.
  AGE OF MAJORITY: Members must be 19 years of age before attending our events or must have attained legal age of majority in their State/ Province/Country and above and be able to sign the liability waiver as contained in here on our contract /policies Where a guest or a member is younger than the age of majority, the parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver on behalf.

Solicitation Clause. 

Existing or exiting Members can not solicit or entice other members to leave the network or to join other networking groups. If a member leaves our network, they cannot entice another member to leave. A member who causes others to leave must compensate T.E.N.CO., INC. for the lost income up to 3 years and cost for lead generation and other admin or legal costs that T.E.N.CO., INC. deems to have incurred. Exiting members cannot solicit active members in any way at all because after a member has left, they are replaced by another member who does what they are doing. Continuing to solicit active members from outside means that the exiting member is grabbing business from an active member. This action can be detrimental to the active member and to T.E.N.CO., INC.’s business model. The membership is meant to benefit the members not non-members.
ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: Any notice to be given under this legal contract shall be publicly published on our website and in writing by way of email blast to all the members. ————————————–END OF LEGAL CONTRACT——————————————



Social Media

  • Our marketing and advertising platform is heavily social media-based. We may mention you on social media posts, flyers, and photos while promoting either your business or T.E.N. CO., INC. events.
  • We may post paid ads on different social media platforms to advertise your business. If we do so, your information will be seen on different search Engines
  • For licensed professionals, we will not mention the company you work for or the specific services you offer. We understand licensing requirements perfectly well. We will promote you, not your company because we do not have contractual arrangements with the company you work for. Our founder worked in the banking sector for 16 years and in the Legal Industry for 2 years. She understands the advertising requirements for most licensed professions. If you have any specific rules you would like to share please feel free to submit to us.
  • Rules for the use of member photos on social media are the same as the Magazine rules in the next paragraph.
  • All members are encouraged to follow us on social media to keep up with the updates.


Entrepreneur Magazine

  • We may include your photos and contact information in the T.E.N. CO., INC. Magazines as a way to promote your business or our events.
  • Photos may be used in our Magazines and Websites even after you have left T.E.N. CO., INC., if those photos were taken during events and in groups with our other members.
  • Magazines already printed must be circulated even after you have left T.E.N. CO., INC.

Entrepreneur TV / Podcast

  • We feature our Members on T.E.N. CO., INC. TV in collaboration with several mainstream TV Stations. Rules for video recorded for TV  use are the same as for the Magazines above.
  • TV episodes that you’re featured in are the property of T.E.N. CO., INC. We may continue to feature those episodes even after you have left. 
  • You specifically give approval for T.E.N. CO., INC to feature the TV episodes on Rogers TV. Rogers TV may feature the episode that was provided to them even after you have left the membership and no further approval from you is required. 
  • TV ADVERTISING CONSENT: By agreeing to appear on Entrepreneur TV you automatically give express permission to The Entrepreneur Nation™ to use this episode on Rogers TV and across all our social media sites on an ongoing basis and on unlimited times.
  • RELEASE OF HARM: If you decide to participate in this show you accept full responsibility for the content submitted to Entrepreneur TV. This includes complete approval from any individuals named or referenced within your talk, photos submitted, names, and titles.


Service Providers

Our service providers will be held to high standards for the services they offer to our members. Service providers cannot create membership within the membership. What this means is our members cannot pay membership to T.E.N. CO., INC. while at the same time paying a monthly membership to our service providers. If a service provider has services that require to be paid monthly by our members, they have to disclose upfront before joining and seek approval to charge a monthly membership. A service provider who charges monthly membership without prior disclosure and written approval may be asked to exit our membership to avoid conflict of interest or duplication of what we are doing. Our members are encouraged to give us feedback if they come across these situations where they are asked to pay an ongoing monthly membership by another member.  This does not include a situation where a service provider agrees to offer payment arrangements for their services in order to help a financially struggling member get access to their services. This payment arrangement offers are only on a case-by-case basis and can not be more than 3 months. If this payment arrangement exceeds 3 months, it is considered membership and the service provider must disclose to T.E.N. CO., INC. 

Members Perks Program

  • Our Members have discounts in many places, visit our member perks page on this website regularly to see updated discounts.
  • Our Members can use our offices for a few hours in a month depending on your membership level and the type of service you plan to use it for. That is in the cities where we have an office.
  • Any activity carried out in our offices must be business-related and business professional.

Featured Member

  • If you qualify for the featured member spot, we may publish your phone number and website so potential clients can reach you.
  • We may publish your business information in the online and print member directory without seeking any permission.
  • We celebrate our members on social media each day. However please note, as our membership base continues to grow, we are only able to give shout-outs to those who provide us with content or updates on what is happening in their businesses. Without content, we have nothing to post for you on social media. Referral Program
  • We work hard for our members but we do not guarantee client referral. We will bring you prospects through our events but it’s up to you to convert them into clients.
  • We play the role of lead generation and marketing agency through our events and social media.
  • Our key responsibility is to connect you with potential clients through our events.
  • Your responsibility is to convert them into clients after verifying their suitability as clients.
  • It is, therefore, your responsibility to attend all our events to meet potential clients.
  • We are only connecting our members with the resources. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they verify details and interview the service provider to make sure they are satisfied.
  • T.E.N.CO., INC. does not accept any responsibility or liability where 2 members have mutually agreed to refer business to each other.

How we assign chapters

  • You are exclusive in the chapter you are assigned for the type of business you do unless you agree to share with someone else who does what you do.
  • We assign you the chapter that is close to where you live, work or that is in close proximity to your clients
  • The determination of chapter allocation is determined exclusively by T.E.N. CO., INC. head office, or by franchise partners but in consultation with the head office.
  • Members do not decide on the chapter they will be allocated. 
  • Members can not switch from their home chapter to another chapter without a strong valid reason and approval from the head office.
  • A Member of one chapter can not visit another chapter as a guest to avoid conflict of interest with the sitting member who does what they are doing.  
  • If a member is part of other paid membership referral groups outside our network, we do not approve them unless they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that they have the capacity to share business between our members and other referral groups. Written approval must be provided bearing the signature of the President of T.E.N. CO., INC.  to give exception for membership to other similar referral groups.

 T.E.N. CO., INC - Golden Rule

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Don’t solicit members who are part of a chapter that another member who offers a similar service is paying for.
  • Ask: What chapter are you part of? Who is the family lawyer / FA/realtor/mortgage agent in your chapter?
  • Once you verify they have someone who does what you are doing. Do not proceed to offer a similar service. Refer them to that member who is paying for the chapter. Members are exclusive in their chapters and should have the first opportunity to work with members in their chapters.
  • By doing this, we all strive to build a cohesive network where everyone's exclusive rights in the chapter are respected.
  • Complaints against the offending member can lead to termination of membership.

Attendance Policy 

  1. Chapters are assigned to each member on an exclusive basis. This means that no one else doing what you’re doing can be assigned to your chapter unless you agree to share. It is therefore imperative to attend chapter meetings to ensure that your type of business is represented. You have a responsibility to the other chapter members to be there. The understanding is networking can not be effective if chapter members were not present.
  2. If a member can not attend the Chapter meetings they are assigned to, they should invite someone else to step in for them.
  3. If a member misses the Chapter meeting 2 times within their contract period, T.E.N. CO., INC. is free to replace that member at the chapter level.
  4. The member will, however, be allowed to continue being part of T.E.N. CO., INC., and to attend the After 5 Business Mingle, Women’s Club, and Social Club which are not exclusive.
  5. The member is free to accept or decline option # 4 above but that does not stop the payment contract obligation stated elsewhere on this contract.

Home chapter policy

If a member is approved to join two chapters and wants to go back to one chapter later, they must keep their original chapter. Members cannot transfer from one chapter to another unless they are completely moving to a different city. This policy is meant to avoid diluting referral expectations or a member building relationships with members in one chapter and then moving on to build relationships with members in another chapter for one membership. This makes the member have 2 chapters for one fee and that is undercutting others and infringing on income potential for the franchise partners responsible for the chapters.

Members can occupy two chapters under special circumstances

We can allow and approve for members to join more than one chapter under exceptional circumstances if the service they are providing is not readily available and we have searched and not found anyone to do what they are doing. Firms and companies with teams can appoint different team members to occupy multiple chapters. This arrangement is specifically approved by head office.

Photos and Videos

  • The events will be photographed and video taken including Live video. The photos and videos will be posted on social media and on our websites to promote the event. If you do not wish to have your photos taken please inform the event host in writing before attending via private message on the event page or by email.
  • Better still, avoid the cameras.
  • As stated elsewhere on this contract, the photos and videos taken at our events are the property of The Entrepreneur Nation. The Entrepreneur Nation is entitled to those photos and free to use them even after you are no longer a member.

Meeting format

  • Our meeting format and duration including speaking time are a tested and proven business model.
  • Members will be briefed at the chapter level on our format.
  • Training on successful elevator speech is offered to our members to ensure that they craft a world-class introduction that appeals to the audience, raises interest in the products and services offered and potentially leads to appointment booking. Training is offered at the chapter level as part of the opening remarks by the leader chairing the meeting.

Member Communication

  • We communicate with our members by email or on all important events including training events, chapter meetings, and any important updates. It is the responsibility of each member to read the emails and seek clarification.
  • We record some of our communication with our members for training and coaching purposes.

Business Training

  • Through Entrepreneur Virtual University (formerly Social Media Academy-Global), we offer numerous training courses that will help to grow your business. Training date announcements are emailed to our members regularly. It is your responsibility to attend training.
  • We also have training posted inside our internal training dashboard on our website. Go to the top right and log in. If you do not have the login information contact your chapter leader to ask for the login information.

Our Proven Business Model

  • Our membership plan is a proven business plan for our members. It works if you work at it. If you go to all the events and follow the system set by T.E.N.CO., INC. you can not fail to reap the benefits. This is the cheapest marketing method you will ever use to grow your business. We will continue to emphasize that both the chapter meetings and After 5 Business Mingle events are very crucial to your success within T.E.N.CO., INC. If you attend one and not the other, chances are that you will struggle to achieve the growth that the others are achieving within the network.
  • The Women’s Club and the Social Club are optional events that you can attend to meet more members.
  • If you fail to attend events and fail to follow our proven system, we are not responsible for your failure to achieve the success you deserve through our platform.

Dress Code

We strive to create a professional business environment for our members in everything we do. Our meetings are considered business professional while the dress code is business professional.

Privacy Policy

  • Your business-related information will never be shared with anyone unless for the purpose of promoting your business or referral. eg we might provide your phone or email to a potential client.
  • T.E.N. CO., INC. franchise partners and regional directors will have access to your information if you are part of the chapters/ territories that they control. This includes name, phone, email, address, and membership level but not credit card or banking formation.
  • Franchise partners have all signed confidentiality agreements with T.E.N. CO., INC. to protect our member’s information.
  • T.E.N. CO., INC. Staff,  Bookkeeper, Accountants, and Lawyers may have access to your information. This includes name, phone, email, address and membership level, credit card, and banking formation. Staff,  Bookkeeper, Accountants, and Lawyers have signed and are bound by our confidentiality policy.
  • T.E.N. CO., INC. may from time to time use an offshore call centre for sales, marketing, data entry, web design, and social media management. They have limited access to your information in order to help them perform these duties. This includes publicly available information such as name, phone, email, address, and membership level but not credit card or banking formation.


Membership policies may change without notice but the payment terms and fees will remain the same through your annual contract period. While some of these examples are specific to Canada, the USA, and the UK, T.E.N. CO., INC. policies are global policies. Considering that laws vary by region, be sure to comply with our policy and relevant laws in your location and the location you’re targeting.   By clicking ‘I agree’ and proceeding to PayPal check out, you certify and agree to be:
  1. Legally bound by our terms and conditions.
  2. You understand that this entire contract supersedes any previous summarized communication by email, phone, text or otherwise.
  3. Have reviewed and will abide by:
  • Our Annual Contract
  • Member policies
  • Advertising policies
  • All applicable laws
  • You confirm that you will come back from time to time to our website to review our policies in case of any published changes.


To proceed to Paypal to sign up below. Payment currency for USA and International Memberships is in US Dollars.


Members to e-sign the contract which will be emailed by our billing department if you are paying by AFT or cheque. If you are paying by credit card, the agreement is part of what you click and accept before proceeding to Paypal and it is binding under Canadian E-commerce Laws. No emailing of the document is required.  The payment currency for Canadian Memberships is in Canadian Dollars. For all other Countries, it is in US Dollars.   Name………………………………………………………………. Signature……………………………………………………….. Date ……………………………………………………………….. Lucy Jeffrey Sign……………………………………………………… Date………………………………………………………… President and CEO, T.E.N. CO., INC. O/A The Entrepreneur Nation™
The printed document is only valid if signed by the President/Director and emailed to the recipient by the billing department
. . .