THE POWER OF GROUP MARKETING! BEFORE YOU HIRE US, CONSIDER THIS: Minimum wage at $14 an hour for 40 hours a week in the Province of Ontario Canada, cost each business $2,240 a month before other employee related expenses. What would you pay a Marketing and Sales Manager to do all this for your business? In Canada the salary for a professional marketing manager range is $72,000 – $97,000 a year In USA they earn on average $131,180 a year. If your business can afford, go ahead and hire one. If you can not, we will help you for the rate equivalent of 45% minimum wage or lower. Why are we affordable?. Because of the power of referral and group effort. We have several qualified marketing professionals all working together in this project.

Go to membership page to see the details of all the membership tiers. Send us a message to chat about your needs. We do not want you to sign up unless you are convinced that you need help.

Seriously who pays for your business advertising budget? Ever heard about group advertising? We have created several Geographically and Demographically targeted Facebook ads for the members of the Entrepreneur Nation. We started by the ones who entered ‘The Nation’ first (there is a benefit in being the first). We are promoting each one of them within their respective Cities. They are already getting so many Likes and engagement from those cities (check out the page on the Link below). We  want to make them famous in their respective Cities. We also did an ad for Lucy within London, Canada?. Although we think Lucy doesn’t need advertising. She is very well-known in this City?.
We are so far planning to spend $600 this week from the Entrepreneur Nation’s marketing budget. How many of you would pay $600 in one week alone to promote your business on one platform only. If you can’t afford, join the group marketing Rock Stars and pay slowly in monthly installments. We are heading out to promote on Google, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing. While people are driving around going to look for clients us, our members and Ambassadors are getting theirs name out there right from the comfort of our homes…. smart decision ladies and gentlemen?‍??‍?. Some of you, work for industries which have rules. They do not allow you to promote yourselves ?. We get it, you don’t want to appear to be selling. We can allow you to use the name of our businesses and events. We will then promote the events (not you) and bring people to you. So really you don’t have to promote yourself. We can do it for you indirectly. You just arrive at the events and meet who people know you already. Let the magic happen behind the scenes. That’s the power of engaging the services of Independent Marketing and Advertising Managers to promote you or your business. Your prospective clients will take you seriously if they hear the great news about you from a third-party instead of  you telling them. Allow us to be your third-party spokes people. Let us be your PR Manager for a small monthly Membership fee. Your business needs continuous growth, so the reason why we think you need to walk with us on this journey.